The perfect letting agent for landlords in Glasgow

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The perfect letting agent for landlords in Glasgow

If you have properties that you rent out, or are considering becoming a landlord, there are several things you need to consider. For the well-experienced, you might have a process in place that ensures all bases are covered, but the busier you get, this can get difficult to manage. A first-timer, on the other hand, might be daunted by all the things that need to be in place both legally and ethically and there might be some things missed.

So what’s the solution? There are two on offer which will give you different levels of support depending on your individual needs. If you require a third party to manage your property in full, the Fully Managed Service will be best suited to you. Alternatively, if you are happy to manage the day to day running of your property/ies, you might only require the Tenant Find Service. Read on to find out a little more about these two options, both of which are offered by Thistle Property.

Tenant Find Service

This is exactly as it sounds with the right tenant being found for your property. Your home will be advertised in key places with professional photography and a video tour. Applicants will be processed and the successful candidate will be fully reference checked. All legal documentation will be handled and you will be advised on any safety considerations for the property as well as taking an inventory. We’ll handle the initial rent and keep the deposit safe and will even complete an introductory visit so the tenant knows how everything works. After they are settled in, you’ll be able to access your documentation on the online platform PropertyFile.

Fully Managed Letting Service

This is the most comprehensive level of support offered by Thistle Property and offers complete peace of mind for all landlords regardless of how many properties are within their portfolio. The services included are as follows:

  • Tenant Find Service – all aspects of the Tenant Find Service are included within the Fully managed Letting Service to ensure you get the right people for you. Towards the end of a tenant’s residency, we will also be sure to re-advertise it with the aim that it does not remain vacant
  • Secure deposit – in order to protect all parties, the tenant’s deposit must be kept in a scheme approved by the government which we will arrange as part of the Fully Managed Letting Service
  • Inspections – in order to help your property to remain in good order, regular inspections are advised and we will include these in our service
  • PropertyFile – this online platform sets us apart from the rest and allows you to access all the documentation associated with the tenancy, available 24 hours a day and all at the click of a button
  • Maintenance issues – tenants might at some point need to report a maintenance issue, which can all be done through PropertyFile and includes emergency contact numbers
  • Safety – we look after all the necessary compliance to ensure your property is not only legally compliant, but will not pose any risk to the tenants who live there
  • Rent management – we will handle the collection of rental payments and in the event of delayed payment, we will handle all this on your behalf
  • Final checks – the end of tenancy inspection is one of the most important, checking against the original inventory and looking for anything at all which may be an issue. If there is any reparation work to be completed, we can arrange for the payment to be deducted from the tenant’s deposit

At Thistle Property, we are the experts in property management and as such will provide an excellent service every step of the way. Whether you just need help finding a tenant or you need the peace of mind of the full support, we have a solution to suit you. So give us a call on 0141 428 4422 to find out more.

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